2019 Theme: Building a Resilient Community


TEDxTraverseCity’s 2019 event will examine the concept of RESILIENCE and the manner in which technology, entertainment, and design are converging to enhance relationships, human capacities, and resources to build resilient communities.

Our intention is to stimulate an interconnected conversation that serves to activate our community by providing insights into the impact of various forms of trauma and toxic stress. We will share community wisdom about opportunities and approaches for building resilience in our own lives and those in our community.

We invite you to join us in learning to develop resilience: a strong sense of well-being and greater social connection.

How might TEDxTraverseCity 2019 spark a mind shift to help us:

•    enhance understanding and increase empathy

·   overcome barriers to resources and knowledge

•    develop mindfulness, compassion, and self-compassion

•   inspire more determined, confident, and courageous personal and collective actions

•    learn about childhood adversity, its effects on lifelong health, and strategies for healing

•    gain insight into trauma and loss, how people and communities can transcend adversity to develop resilience

•    learn methods to be more effective with others both in our personal and professional lives

•    learn how to hardwire or re-wire inner resources like self-worth, calm, and forgiveness into our central nervous systems and community networks

Renee SovisComment