Sue Houghton

Sue Houghton is a factually-focused producer, director and writer, and has spent over twenty years with wild creatures and in wild spaces -- both underwater and topside. Based in Washington, DC, she’s been a Showrunner and Executive Producer for Northern Pictures in Australia for the last 5 years.  Her films are primarily focused on nature, wildlife and the conservation of our planet, and each new project is created using fresh technology and innovation. She approaches production from both artistic and practical perspectives, having begun her career as a Disney artist, and then layering experience gained through commercials, dramas and factual documentaries. She strongly believes in mentoring passionate and talented people to give them the tools with which they might realize their own visions, and she has nurtured multiple individuals from interns to producer level at National Geographic and other companies.  Growing up on the ocean near Big Sur, California, Sue has worked extensively in Asia, South America, Africa, Australia, the South Pacific, the Arctic and many other places. With an academic background in both geology and art, she believes in blending science with visual dynamics.