Marilyn Spiller 

Marilyn Spiller has been a marketing professional for more than twenty years – from London to the Exumas and from automated litigation support to Russian art. Recently, she has focused on the addiction treatment field as marketing director and editor-in-chief of Excursions Magazine for Sanford House, in Grand Rapids. Her passion is helping those with substance use disorders find their passions. She is a recovery coach and recovery advocate who writes a popular blog called Waking Up the Ghost, where she pens a humorous account of her own wobbly steps toward long-term recovery. Born in Flint and two years back in Michigan, she has been rediscovering the hiking trails Up North on the weekends.


Just about everything I do professionally these days is in grateful homage to my sobriety. I am a shining example of what can happen when addiction meets connection and passion.
— Marilyn Spiller