Erik Florip 

After eight years and a few deployments, it was time for Erik Florip to bid farewell to the Marine Corps. He was left with one the biggest decisions of his life: where to point his compass next. Erik held a top secret clearance and the GI Bill, and his resume was already on the desks of several potential employers. There was, however, a nagging problem—a complete absence of passion for the jobs for which he’d applied. During his last few years of military service, working out of a single-car garage in his spare time, Erik discovered a love for building fine furniture and the tools used to create the pieces. He decided to forgo a government career and instead followed his passion.

Along with his wife and young daughter, Erik moved back to his hometown in Northern Michigan and now operates his business Florip Toolworks out of a 2700 sq. ft. workshop. Creating high quality woodworking tools for builders just like himself–this is where Erik finds fulfillment.