David Asiala 

David Asiala views himself as a truly fortunate man who grew up in a loving family, married well and is father to three amazing and independent adult daughters who enjoy health, friends and jobs all at the same time. He has passion for an odd combination of things including playing golf, rooting for Detroit sports teams and learning about wine. Dave has traveled extensively and lived abroad, taking in experiences that have helped shape his life and views.

He learned to appreciate the value of work from an early age. His employment has included the pleasure of working at a Fortune 50 Company for his entire professional career to-date where he has been mentored, coached and enabled to both learn and deliver.

In the past few years, Dave has led the implement of an Analytics vision he authored. A student of history and irony, Dave takes pleasure in the life’s repeating patterns and those shared experiences that cross generations in spite of the ever-changing world we live in.