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brotha James

“When we connect the things we love with our talents and passions, we gain superpowers,” says soulfully sage singer-songwriter, author, and inspirational speaker brotha James.

It took the Elk Rapids, Michigan-based artist many years and travails to unlock his own potential. Through methodical self-growth gleaned from years in sales, and unflinching positivity, brotha James has built an empire of music as a motivational platform that in just three years is positioned to out-profit his kitchen knife sales career—his recent Kickstarter earned $100,000, and he’s set to enjoy a year where his gross profit will be an excess of $150k.

brotha James shares his transformative message of positivity through a multi-tiered music platform. He is also a galvanizing speaker who can tailor appearances that mix inspirational speaking within a live concert setting. In addition, brotha James is an empathic facilitator/supervisor in corporate settings.

brotha James’s songs are instantly familiar. They favor an urban pop sensibility that blurs the lines between hip-hop, rock, pop, funk, and acoustic singer-songwriter music. His uplifting lyrics, riff-clever phrases and easy-to-remember positive affirmations by design transform lives. “Studies of the brain reveal that good words are good for you, and uplifting music on its own can make you feel a certain way. If you can combine these two, you have a super force in positivity—the power of musical affirmation. That’s what I put forth with my music. It’s inevitable if you sing my songs your spirits will be lifted,” affirms brotha James.

To date, brotha James has issued the 2015 EP Animal, and he is now issuing the creative milestone, Abracadabra. This debut full-length album is so named because one interpretation of the phrase that is “With these words I create.” For brotha James, the words he creates are life changing.

All brotha James music is created in close collaboration with producer Carlos Sosa, who as a saxophonist has worked with Jason Mraz, Zack Brown Band, Hansen, and Kelly Clarkson, among many others. Also integral to brotha James is his birth brother, Sean Reisig, who is an accomplished musician and part of the live band experience as a live drummer. 

Due to fan demand, brotha James will be releasing the album companion book, With Our Words We Create, which can be purchased separately or bundled with the Abracadabra album. The book reveals the personal journeys of each song, and it also features appreciative inquiry workbook-style questions for self-growth.  brotha James’ mother, dubbed affectionately, “Motha James,” helped co-write and edit the book.

For brotha James the real rewards are in the positive change he brings forth. He says: “The value of this has everything to do with meaningful exchanges and lifting souls.”